When the Heavens Still Spoke to Each Other

Panel Discussion, Saturday 4 Oct. 2014
In late antiquity, Christianity, Judaism and Islam did not yet face each other across oppositional lines. The Christian Apocrypha, the Babylonian Talmud and the Quran all reveal spiritual plurality. How do the formative phases of the religions affect our modern consciousness?

Following the film the role of religion in history will be discussed in a conversation between Director of the London School of Economics, Craig Calhoun, the LSE Chaplin Revd Dr James Walters and author and film director Alexander kluge, moderated by Gareth Evans, film curator at the Whitechapel Gallery. Panelists will compare the emergence of modern religions in late antiquity – when they were not yet set dogmatically and still spoke to one another – with their confrontations and transformations today.